Student Spotlights

We're proud of our graduate students' accomplishments in their teaching and research within the fields of educational leadership and policy studies. Learn more about our students and their experiences while enrolled in our program.

Maude Graham

Student Spotlight: Maude Graham
When she was 9-years-old, Maude Graham dreamed of replacing the lined-up teddy bears in her bedroom with her own classroom of students. Today, she’s an experienced third-grade reading teacher at Rosabelle W. Blake Academy and was honored as the 2021 Polk County Teacher of the Year—a recognition that’s reserved for only one out of 6,800 educators in the county’s school district.

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Laura Meehan

Student Spotlight: Laura Meehan
Laura Meehan knew her passion for music and students with disabilities would guide her to make a meaningful difference. Driven to learn more about policy, Meehan took on leadership roles within her school and began working toward a PhD in Educational Leadership in USF's College of Education.

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Hillary Van Dyke

Student Spotlight: Hillary Van Dyke
During her master's program at USF, Hillary Van Dyke's fascination with studying equity in schools grew and inspired her to pursue an unanticipated career direction—academic research and the creation of a not-for-profit organization that supports Black-owned businesses in the Tampa Bay community.

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Robert Bhoolai

Student Spotlight: Robert Bhoolai
Following a career change to teaching, Robert Bhoolai enrolled in USF's Educational Leadership master's program to learn how to better drive student learning and achievement.

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