Doctor of Philosophy

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Ph.D. program occurs one time per year during the fall semester. Admission is based on a comprehensive evaluation of each applicants demonstrated academic potential to successfully complete all of the degree requirements.

Priority Application Deadline 

Fall: February 15
Spring: October 15
Summer: February 15

Note: All admissions materials including the USF graduate admissions application, student transcripts and supporting documentation must be received by July 20, 2018 to be considered for the Fall 2018 semester.

Success in the Ph.D. program requires students to deeply engage in an area of inquiry, apply excellence in research methods, and develop exceptional writing skills. The program faculty will consider each applicant entirely within the context defined by their personal and professional qualifications. Applicants meeting the set of initial criteria will be asked to participate in an interview conducted by faculty and complete a timed writing sample that will be scheduled to occur before or after the interview.

Applicants should have: