USF's Elementary Education Program offers degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Additionally, we also offer graduate certificate programs. All of our programs are guided by the 4 I’s: inclusion, inquiry, integration, and innovation.

teacher Certification Programs

Elementary Education undergraduate program develops teachers who possess sound instructional practices as well as an inquiry mindset that allows teachers to differentiate instruction to enhance student learning. 

The Master of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Education is designed for students who have a bachelor's degree in a field outside of education and who wish to become certified teachers in grades kindergarten through six.

Graduate Programs

The Master of Arts in Elementary Education is designed for professional educators who seek to further their knowledge and expertise in the field of elementary education. Our program includes a focus on teacher leadership—a practice that encourages teachers to not just empower the students in their classroom, but their colleagues as well. Students in this program will select a curriculum emphasis from an elementary content area with a goal of proficiency in teaching elementary students and supporting the professional learning of others.

The Teacher Leadership for Student Learning Graduate Certificate is designed to prepare teachers with an understanding of how they can work side-by-side with their colleagues and principals/directors to improve student learning at their school. Within the certificate coursework, teachers learn about teacher leadership and the skills to engage in and lead teacher research, coach for student learning, and facilitate high quality job-embedded learning at their schools. 

The PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Elementary Education prepares educators who are interested in working at the university level, within school districts, or in local, state, regional, national or international agencies. The program encompasses a distinctive approach to understanding elementary practice and teacher education through research and innovation that unites advocacy, community engagement, rigorous intellectual inquiry and teacher leadership.

We encourage you to explore each of our degree programs to find the best fit for you!