The University of South Florida's Exceptional Student Education programs grants degrees at the bachelors, masters and doctoral levels. We also award graduate certificates. The department prepares teachers to work with students with exceptionalities. Our bachelor’s and Master of Arts in Teaching programs are designed to prepare teachers to work in classrooms with students who have mild to moderate disabilities, and our doctoral program is designed to provide students with a foundation for leadership in research and teacher education programs.

Graduates of our teacher preparation programs will be certified in Exceptional Student Education (previously varying exceptionalities) in the state of Florida. Teachers in the Master’s program develop advanced clinical and instructional skills in working with children with exceptionalities and their families. The program is structured so that students can maintain full-time employment while pursuing their degree. This is done through the use of nontraditional scheduling, as well as online and accelerated instruction. 

We encourage you to explore our programs and see which one works best for you!