Graduate Certificates

Cybersecurity Awareness & Education Certificate

Emerging from a renewed focus on fostering cultures of cybersecurity within schools and families, there is an ever increasing need for trained cybersecurity educators and awareness specialists who focus on the unique needs of educational settings. 

The Cybersecurity Awareness & Education graduate certificate provides students with an advanced introduction to cybersecurity awareness and training, preparing them for roles as leaders and educators throughout K-12 schools and higher education.

The Cybersecurity Awareness & Education graduate certificate aims to:

  • Introduce students to basic cybersecurity concepts and problems within educational settings,
  • Prepare students to remain current within the rapidly evolving and shifting field of cybersecurity,
  • Provide students with tools for effectively communicating and working with cybersecurity concepts and policy,
  • Prepare students for roles as cybersecurity educators and awareness specialists in K-12 and higher education

Visit the USF Catalog to view courses and admissions requirements for the graduate certificate. 

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