Admission Requirements

Prerequisite Coursework for Admission

The USF School Psychology Program does not require students to have a degree in psychology, education or related fields, however the following coursework will required for admission to the program:

Required Admissions Materials

All admissions materials should be uploaded via the USF application for admission. A complete application includes the following:

  1. A completed application to the USF School of Graduate Studies

  2. Payment of the application fee ($30) - Payable by check, money order or credit card.


    1. Please upload all remaining admissions materials to your graduate school application.
    2. Please select degree code "SSP" for the Ed.S. program and "DSG" for the Ph.D. program.

  3. GRE scores - Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing scores are required and scores should not be more than 5 years old — The USF institution code for sending your GRE scores is 5828.

  4. Transcripts from both the undergraduate and graduate institutions attended. Unofficial transcripts can be used for initial review purposes.  Official transcripts will be required if admitted.

  5. A current resume or vita.

  6. A statement of your professional goals — In a 2-3 page statement, please tell us why you are interested in becoming a school psychologist, why you have applied to the program at USF, and anything else about yourself that you think would help us get to know you and your goals. 

  7. Three letters of recommendation — It is best if those writing a letter for you are familiar with your academic skills (e.g., writing, critical thinking, research). It is advised that applicants use the request for letters of recommendation via the online application. However, for those who send hard copy letters, they should be sealed and signed across the seal by the individual making the recommendation.

    Letters from individuals who have taught you at the college or graduate level are preferred. However, letters from individuals who are familiar with your professional work skills (e.g., an employer) will be accepted as well.

    Our program does not require a recommendation letter form to be submitted along with the letter.

  8. A writing sample — Students who have a research paper or literature review that is written in APA style should include a copy of this in their application. If this is not available, please send us a representative piece of your writing (e.g., a paper written in college) that demonstrates your skills in conceptualizing ideas and communicating those ideas in written form.

Please Note: