Application Process

Application Deadlines

Please visit the USF Office of Graduate Studies to review priority application deadlines for each of our programs.

Priority Application Deadlines

How Applications Are Evaluated

The primary assumption underlying admission to either the Ed.S .or the Ph.D. program is that every student who is accepted is capable of successfully completing their respective program and performing competently in the field as a school psychologist. For this reason, the selection and admissions procedure is quite rigorous.

Applicants are selected based on their potential to benefit from the training program and their potential to contribute both to the program and the field of school psychology. Importantly, we seek students whose professional interests and career goals are consistent with the philosophy and mission of our program. It is essential that applicants clearly communicate an understanding of the role of a school psychologist as well as alignment to a progressive model of service delivery predicated on early intervention, prevention, and systems change. Applicants are encouraged to indicate alignment to faculty research interests, however we do not employ a 1 to 1 match model. Applicants should craft a statement of goals that is approximately 2-3 pages, single-spaced, and indicate why interested in school psychology, why USF in particular, your research/practice interests, and a paragraph to describe the role of a school psychologist as a system change agent from a social justice lens.

Within the admissions process, a culturally diverse student body is actively recruited. The admissions process is highly selective, but flexible. All pertinent data submitted for consideration will be evaluated as an entire package. The average undergraduate GPA of our last incoming cohort was 3.88.

The School Psychology faculty will review all applications. Following the review of all applications, selected applicants will be invited for interviews, which usually take place in January and early February.

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We hope that this information will assist you in deciding whether our program is consistent with your desired training goals as a future school psychologist. For more information about our programs, please contact us. 

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