Chemical Engineering M.S.

The USF Chemical Engineering M.S. program establishes a core 12-credit foundation in advanced Chemical Engineering fundamentals, while including considerable flexibility (18 credit hours) for participants to choose advanced electives defining an area of particular expertise. Both Thesis and Non-Thesis options are available. M.S. students are generally self-supported. 

In addition to a traditional M.S. program, the USF Accelerated Major option allows academically advanced USF Chemical Engineering Undergraduate students to obtain both an undergraduate and M.S. degree on an accelerated timeline by allowing some courses to count for both degrees. Students interested in this program should visit the USF Academic Catalog page on Accelerated Majors. Participants must satisfy the M.S. curriculum requirements linked below in addition to the requirements for the Accelerated Major program. Interested students should meet with their undergraduate advisor and the graduate director to determine eligibility and develop an approved program of study.

M.S. Curriculum

Information on curriculum requirements for the Chemical Engineering M.S. program can be found in the USF Graduate Catalog.