Chemical Engineering Ph.D.

Students in the the Chemical Engineering Ph.D. program at USF engage in research and coursework focused on training the next generation of leaders in Chemical Engineering research and practice.

The chemical engineering Ph.D. curriculum provides a common foundation in chemical engineering fundamentals that relevant to diverse research areas, while providing the flexibility for each Ph.D. candidate to specialize in the area of their interest. Students are matched with Ph.D. advisors early in their time at USF, enabling them to receive mentorship and begin engaging in hands-on research early on.

Research opportunities span a range of exciting, cutting-edge research areas ranging from advanced materials to biotechnology to energy and sustainability, and more.

Faculty mentors include many widely-recognized leaders in their field. Ph.D. students making satisfactory progress towards their degree are fully supported for their time at USF - more information on financial support can be found on our page at that topic.

More information on our Ph.D. program can be found below.

Major Research Areas

Most Ph.D. students engage in research in 5 major clusters of research represented in our department:

Curriculum Requirements

Curriculum requirements for the USF Chemical Engineering Ph.D. can be found in the Graduate Catalog