Faculty and researchers in biotechnology in USF ChBME cross interdisciplinary lines to engineer biology and biomaterials to advance human health, clean energy, and clean chemistry.

Metabolic engineering concept diagram from Gonzalez group.

Research Laboratories

Metabolic Engineering and Biomanufacturing

PI: Dr. Ramon Gonzalez | Website

Engineering metabolism for energy, chemical, and pharmaceutical production

Protein Engineering & Dynamic Living Systems

PI: Dr. Piyush Koria | ENG 229D | Website

Bioreceptor Engineering

PI: Dr. Lawrence Stern | Website

Engineering synthetic receptors for human health

Drug and Gene Delivery

PI: Mark Jarosczeski | ENG 229 | PI CV

Micrograph of cells

Sensors Research

PI: Venkat Bethanabotla | IDRB 218 | Website

Polymer Science and Smart Materials

PI: Ryan Toomey | ENG 120C 


PI: Dr. Anna Pyayt | IDRB 209 


Dr. William E. Lee III, PE | ENG 229E