Undergraduate Research


Undergrad Research

USF Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium 
USF students in all disciplines who are involved in research are encouraged to participate in the colloquium.

Research Experience for Undergraduates Program
The College of Engineering REU program aims to give undergraduate students an opportunity to directly participate in research efforts as research assistants with professors and graduate students on a variety of exciting and interdisciplinary research projects. Typically, students new to the program are given smaller projects, which they carry out under the guidance of graduate students and professors. Graduate students and professors both serve a dual role as research partner and mentor to the REU students. The goal is to introduce students to the scientific process, and research ethics and professionalism. As the students progress in the program, their projects become more individualized and complex. Several past REU students have published their work in major scientific journals and contributed to international conferences. This experience is also highly regarded in the engineering field and is useful for future job placement and graduate school applications.

REU Coordinators
Inquiries about research opportunities in the departments should be directed to these REU Coordinators:

Arash Takshi

Ashwin Parthasarathy, Electrical Engineering




Stephanie  Carey

 Stephanie Carey, Medical Engineering




Ryan Toomey

Ryan Toomey, Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering




Jeff Cunningham

Jeff Cunningham, Civil and Environmental Engineering




Yu Sun

Yu Sun, Computer Science and Engineering




Hadi Charkhgard

Hadi Charkhgard, Industrial and Management Systems Engineering




David Murphy

David Murphy, Mechanical Engineering



Lisa Staes, Center for Urban Transportation Research


Research Topics
Engineering and the Service Sector
Energy and Environmental Systems
Robotics and Sensor Technology
Information and Communications Technology
Transportation and Logistics
Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
Critical Infrastructure

Search for an REU site at the National Science Foundation

Engineering Undergraduate Research Fellowships   
Sponsored by the Dean, the USF Office of Undergraduate Research, and the Faculty Mentors, the Research Experience for Undergraduates Program offers a limited number (depending on the availability of funds) of Engineering Undergraduate Research Fellowships. Students are expected to volunteer for a limited time before being enrolled in the program. This volunteering period serves to establish a track record with the advising faculty, and the identification of an interesting research project. Our aim is to offer an exciting research experience to as many students as possible.

REU Courses   
Another way to participate in research projects as an Undergraduate Research Assistant is offered through new elective "Undergraduate Research" courses offered by several of the college's academic departments. Students choosing to take such a course need to find Faculty Mentors before enrolling. Participating students are expected to participate in the research projects conducted in the Faculty Mentor's laboratory. These courses allow variable credit hours (1-3) to suit the student's availability. The students will not be funded through Engineering Undergraduate Research Fellowships while taking this course. Taking this course can be used to substitute the volunteering period before a fellowship can be awarded (see Apply section below).

Apply to the REU Program
All undergraduate students of all levels of the College of Engineering are eligible for participation. Engineering undergraduates can join any research group in the College of Engineering or in any other USF division outside the College of Engineering at USF (for example in departments such as Chemistry, Physics, or the Center for Ocean Technology or the Moffitt Cancer Center). Underrepresented group students are especially encouraged to apply.

  1. Find a Faculty Mentor who agrees to hire you. The first step in this process is to determine what you are interested in. The COE-REU Coordinators in the departments can assist you with this process. Once you know which groups interest you, make appointments with the professors and meet them for an interview.
  2. When you find a professor who agrees to hire you, start volunteering in the professor's laboratory. No paperwork needs to be submitted during this period. Alternately, you can take a Undergraduate Research course offered by several departments.
  3. After successfully volunteering for some time, you are ready to become a member of the COE-REU program.

Sign-up procedure:
Fill out the application form and submit. You will receive emails about the status of your application. Please, note that the final approval of your enrollment will be made based on the availability of funds.