Fred Mannering

Fred Mannering
Associate Dean for Research

The University of South Florida (USF) is currently embarking on an exciting research agenda as outlined in the University's 2017-2021 Research Strategic Plan. Currently ranked 25th among public universities in research expenditures, USF's 2017-2021 Research Strategic Plan plots a course to significantly expand the economic and intellectual impact of its research. The College of Engineering will play a key role in this expansion, with contributions to the Strategic Plan's identified focus areas relating to Human Health, Data Science, Human Security, Water Quality, and Economic Development.

The College of Engineering currently has well over 150 faculty and researchers conducting research in its six departments and nine centers. The College's nine research centers have garnered national and international recognition including the outstanding contributions of the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) and the Clean Energy Research Center (CERC). With its tens of millions of dollars in annual, externally funded research expenditures, the College's faculty, researchers and students have made outstanding economic, societal, and intellectual contributions (the published works of the faculty alone have been cited more than 100,000 times in prominent citation databases such as Scopus®). With emerging challenges facing societies throughout the world, and an ambitious plan for research expansion to address these challenges at the University and College levels, the College of Engineering's research enterprise is indeed poised for unprecedented growth and impact.

Major Areas of Research 

Department of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

chemical engineering research

Synfuels Production Process and Design   
Biofluidics  |  Nanotechnology  |  Electrochemistry
Supercritical Fluids  |  Fuel Cells  |  Smart Materials  
Hydrogen Production and Storage  |  Drug and Gene Delivery
Surface Science and Technology  |  Advanced Materials
Engineering Materials Corrosion | Neuroengineering



Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

civil engineering research

Structural Engineering  |  Environmental Engineering
Sustainability  |  Materials  |  Water Resources
Transportation Engineering  |  Geoenvironmental Systems
Engineering Mechanics  |  Geotechnics


Department of Computer Science & Engineering

computer science research

Computer Vision  |  Algorithms Graphics
Networks Bioinformatics  |  Distributed Systems
Computer Security  |  VLSI Design
Image Processing  |  Databases  |  Robotics
Artificial Intelligence  |  Pattern Recognition
Computer Architecture


Department of Electrical Engineering 

electrical engineering research

Precision Navigation  |  Small Satellites and Mission Design
Guidance Navigation and Control  |  Circuits
Aerospace Engineering  |  Materials  |  Nano Electronics
Bioengineering |  Networking    RF Microwave EM
Energy Power  |  Communications  |  Biomedical Systems
Systems Controls  |  Signal Processing  |  MEMS
VLSI  |  Clean Energy  |  Sustainability



Department of Industrial & Management Systems Engineering

industrial engineering reserach

Health Care Systems  |  Disease Diagnosis and Prevention
Smart Electricity Grids  |  Additive Manufacturing
Natural Resources  |  Sustainability of Critical Infrastructure
Analytics and Decision Support  |  Education Innovation
Resource Allocation and Utilization  |  Transportation
Logistics and Inventory


Department of Mechanical Engineering

mechanical engineering research

Robotics  |  MEMS  |  Composite Materials
Clean Energy Technologies  |  Compliant Mechanisms
Biomedical and Tissues Engineering  |  Sustainable Design
Heat Transfer and Thermo Fluids  |  Biosensors and Biofluids
Nano Materials and Manufacturing  |  Engineering Education
Research | Rehabilitation Engineering  |  System Dynamics
and Vibrations