Research Events for Faculty

Spring 2024

AEESP Distinguished Lecture -  The complex microbiology of pilot and full-scale anaerobic digestion systems

February 22, 2024
12:30-1:30p.m. EDT
CMC 147

Dr. Edwards will share her insights on the beautifully intricate and complex interactive microbial ecosystems of anaerobic digesters used for converting organic wastes to methane and carbon dioxide. Her research encompasses bench, pilot and full-scale anaerobic digestion systems, treating pulp, paper, cardboard and food waste. Inexpensive sequencing technology has enabled unprecedented exploration of these ecosystems uncovering thousands of new microbes and putative genes. She will discuss how we can extract meaningful and actionable data from these microbiological data.  Register here.


Dr. Elizabeth A. Edwards, Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto