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2025 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Experiential Learning
Engineering cannot be learned from the pages of a textbook. That's why, with an emphasis on capstone projects, internships, technology, and highly specialized labs, our goal is for all students to grow through experience.

Impactful Discovery
Engineering is often viewed as a means to an end. An idea is generated. A process is followed. And, finally, a product is produced for monetary gain. This oversimplification, however, does little justice to a profession with a robust history of innovation and human service.

Community Partnership
One look around reveals the countless ways engineering has shaped the world as we know it. To bring diverse partnerships and service to the forefront of students' educations, we will strengthen our ties with both local and global communities.


Educational Leadership
To an engineer, solutions are never complete—there's always room to improve. It's time to push our vision onward and upward, creating an even greater era for the College of Engineering—one that is truly transformational for the university, our students, and the impact of our research and discovery.

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