Graduate Certificates

The certificate is a specialized graduate-level credential reflecting knowledge of the most up-to-date research in the field. Once completed, the certificate is notated on the transcripts, and a certificate diploma is awarded to the student. Certificate completion increases your competitiveness, enhances your performance, and helps prepare you for the changing nature of business.

Admission Requirements

Please review our admission requirements below.

Artificial Intelligence

FULLY ONLINE | This program is an ideal fit for recent graduates seeking a competitive edge in an emerging sector of the tech field, professionals in non-computing disciplines (such as engineering) who want to upskill or transition into an AI role, and individuals seeking a pathway to USF’s Master of Science in Data Intelligence.

Data Analytics

The Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics is for individuals with STEM backgrounds who desire to develop skills for data driven decision making. This Certificate teaches students how to manipulate data using data bases, visualize data, and develop models to extract information from data for engineering decision making purposes.

Pathway to Computing

FULLY ONLINE | The Graduate Certificate in Pathway To Computing is for individuals without a prior computing background who desire to pivot into a career in tech. This Certificate teaches students the essential knowledge of computer science, preparing them for advanced studies such as Masters of Science in Computer Science.

Semiconductor Technology & Manufacturing

FULLY ONLINE | The new USF Semiconductor Technology and Manufacturing (STeM) Graduate Certificate can position you for success in a fast-growing field by equipping you with the industry skills required to excel in Semiconductor material and device physics, State-of-the-art manufacturing/fabrication processes, and the ability to design semiconductor-based devices/circuits/systems.

Systems Engineering

FULLY ONLINE | This certificate program offers both quantitative and qualitative approaches to strengthen systems engineering credentials.

Technology Management

FULLY ONLINE OR ON CAMPUS | This certificate program teaches students how to combine qualitative approaches with quantitative methods resulting in a strengthening of engineering credentials and the development of managerial competency.

Transportation System Analysis

FULLY ONLINE OR ON CAMPUS | The curriculum provides an opportunity to advance one's credentials and knowledge in the field of transportation engineering. It includes extended knowledge in such areas as planning, analysis and design, all vital to transportation planners.

Water, Health and Sustainability

ON CAMPUS | The graduate certificate in Water, Health and Sustainability is intended for public health professionals, humanitarian aid providers, engineers and other planners, or anyone with an interest in addressing critical shortages and health problems associated with inadequate and unsanitary water throughout the world.

Wireless Engineering

FULLY ONLINE OR ON CAMPUS | This certificate recognizes post-bachelors preparation for engineering of modern wireless circuits, antennas and communication systems. The applicable course list allows significant flexibility to accommodate variability in student preparation, and course scheduling. The program allows emphasis to be placed in either circuits and antennas or systems and networks, while requiring exposure to both.