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    Helium Plasma Treatment This device can non-invasively deliver DNA to skin cells, a method for very targeted gene therapy.

  • Microscope Image of HaCaT cell line

    Confocal microscope image of a human keratinocyce cell line (HaCaT) that with Sytox nucleic acid stain delivered using a helium plasma.

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    Learn more about active research projects at the USF Department of Medical Engineering.

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    Evidence for trans-endocytocis of postsynaptic somatic spine complexes (magenta) that become completely incorporated (green) inside the pre-synaptic terminal.

  • Rat Optic Nerve

    Department of Medical Engineering Professor Receives National Institute of General Medical Sciences Grant Professor Chris Passaglia is collaborating with with New York-based Mount Sinai Institute for Systems Biomedicine Director Ravi Iyengar to investigate optic nerve restoration.

Dr. Frisina and Dr. Heller Elected Fellows of IEEE

We would like to congratulate Dr. Robert Frisina and Dr. Richard Heller for being elected as IEEE Fellows, one of the most illustrious engineering societies. IEEE seeks advance technological growth and innovation and has chosen to recognize these two professors for their contributions to science and engineering. Dr. Robert Frisina is the current department chair of Medical Engineering, a joint department of the College of Engineering and Morsani College of Medicine. His work in neuroengineering and auditory science are specifically being recognized by this election. Dr. Richard Heller, a professor of Medical Engineering has been recognized for the therapeutic applications for drug and gene delivery.

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Dr. Akintewe SSMN Grant

Amanda Sales Conniff, Ph.D, receives award

Dr. Akintewe has been awarded a Sloan Scholars Mentoring Network seed grant. Dr. Akintewe stated, "This award will help develop a mentoring support system that intentionally targets engineering identity, persistence, and retention of underrepresented and underserved populations in STEM.”

Excellence in Innovation

Dr. Richard Heller and Dr. Mark Jarozseski

Dr. Richard Heller and Dr. Mark Jaroszeski were awarded the Excellence in Innovation Award for their 2020-2021 fiscal year accomplishments. Both Dr. Heller and Dr. Jaroszeski developed a series of patents related to drug delivery through electroporation for the veterinary and human clinical market.