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 The USF College of Engineering and the Morsani College of Medicine are partnering to advance the strategic planning, success, and goals of the University of South Florida in STEM areas. Taking advantage of noteworthy opportunities for research and student success embodied in the growing field of biomedical engineering (BME), we have created a new Department of Medical Engineering jointly sponsored and governed by the colleges of engineering (COE) and medicine (MCOM). The joint biomedical engineering program will contribute to USF's key mission areas of promoting student success, clinical and basic research, entrepreneurship and economic development in the region, state, and nation by providing:

  • A new multidisciplinary, state-of-the-art environment for training the next generation of scientists, clinicians and engineers
  • Interdisciplinary research programs targeted at new and emerging fields in medicine and engineering
  • Translational research leading to medical innovations and novel therapies
  • Increased competitiveness for 'team science' programmatic funding, research center grants, licensing and royalties, and philanthropy
  • Enhanced patient care and healthcare delivery: "better care at lower costs."

The Medical Engineering Dept. aims to fulfill this academic mission by initiating a new undergraduate BME program which will produce a skilled labor force that can think critically and creatively, identify and solve problems quantitatively, and communicate effectively. The labor force will serve existing biomedical research laboratories and companies across Florida and the United States, and provide engines for health care growth through the formation and relocation of new biomedical industries to the Tampa Bay area. A tremendous demand is anticipated for the unique type of applied knowledge that will come from instruction by engineers, scientists and physicians that reinforce theory with practice. Instructors will be hired to help support the implantation of the new curricula, coordination of multi-instructor courses, and rapid growth of this novel academic program. The new undergraduate BME program will complement our already successful graduate BME programs (MS and PhD), which are presently housed in the Department of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering (COE) and will move to the new department in Fall 2017.

The joint Medical Engineering Department will have a research mission to form multi-disciplinary research groups that are continuously funded as a result of their advancement of scientific understanding and their development of innovative solutions to health care problems. The research teams will develop naturally from shared interests of COE and MCOM faculty in targeted areas of research pursuit. All faculty in the department are expected to commit time and resources to the establishment and maintenance of strong graduate and postdoctoral programs through the operation of active vibrant research laboratories and the pursuit of training grants.

Mission Statement

USF Department of Medical Engineering seeks to advance excellence in biomedical engineering and improve patient care by conducting innovative research, developing impactful technologies, and training students for success as multidisciplinary global leaders.