Molecular Medicine & Drug Delivery

Focus on characterizing diseases at the cellular and molecular levels and developing means of diagnostics and treatments by understanding the interaction of genes and proteins. Includes research on developing means to effectively deliver drugs and genes in pre-clinical translation.

Department Research Faculty

Dr. Robert Frisina

Robert Frisina, PhD
Medical Engineering

Dr. Richard Heller

Richard Heller, PhD
Medical Engineering

Dr. Mark Jaroszeski

Mark Jarozseski, PhD
Medical Engineering

Dr. Loree Heller

Loree Heller, PhD
Medical Engineering

Dr. Huabei Jiang

Huabei Jiang, PhD
Medical Engineering

Dr. Anna Bulysheva

Anna Bulysheva, PhD
Medical Engineering

Affiliated Research Faculty

Dr. Andrew Hoff

Andrew Hoff, PhD
Electrical Engineering

Dr. Piyush Koria

Dr. Piyush Koria, PhD

Dr. Shyam Mohapatra

Dr. Shyam Mohapatra, PhD
Internal Medicine

Dr. Stephen Saddow

Stephen Saddow, PhD
Electrical Engineering

Dr. Sylvia Thomas

Sylvia Thomas, PhD
Electrical Engineering

Dr. Samuel Wickline

Samuel Wickline, M.D.
Internal Medicine

Dr. Jerome Breslin

Jerome Breslin, PhD
Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology

Dr. Timothy Fawcett Placeholder

Timothy Fawcett, PhD
Information Technology

Dr. Richard Gilbert

Richard Gilbert, PhD

Dr. Stephen B Liggett

Stephen B Liggett, M.D.
College of Medicine

Dr. Lawrence Stern

Lawrence Stern, PhD