About The College

Advisory Board

The University of South Florida College of Engineering Advisory Board was established for the following purposes:

  • Providing an independent review of the USF College of Engineering with special emphasis on effectiveness and program quality
  • Counseling and advising on matters relating to planning, organizing and administering programs, and facilitating a continuing liaison between the College and the various constituents it serves
  • Counseling, advising and demonstrating leadership in raising funds for the College from private, foundation and corporate sources which will assist the College in achieving both its mission and vision
  • Advising and assisting the College's effort to communicate and inform the State of Florida Legislature of the College's mission and vision with the goal of securing and maintaining sufficient resources to fulfill both our mission and vision


Name Graduation year Title
Miriam Barack  

Spring by Citi Operations Head at Citi -Treasury and Trade Solutions 

Chair Dennis N. Blankenship 1987

Cisco Systems, Inc. - Senior Director Engineering, Intent Based Networks Group

Alan Brannan


CAE USA - Director of Engineering
Thomas Cetta 


Jabil - Vice President, Sr. Deputy General Counsel, Commercial Corporate Legal Department
Julius D. Davis


2014 MBA

VoltAir Consulting Engineers - President & CEO
Freddie "Chick" Garcia 1964 Quantum Technology Services -  Chairman of the Board
Lakecia Gunter 1995 Microsoft - Chief Technology Officer, Global Partner Solutions
Brad Heath 1985 Virtex Enterprises - CEO
Robert Higgins 1976 Higgins Engineering - President
Jessica McRory 2003 Arehna Engineering - President
Robert Moore
  Citi - Director of Architecture and Engineering
Dave Scott


1986 MSCE

Seng Sun
1993 Sunview Software -  CEO
Cem Yildirim   JPMorgan Chase -Managing Director, Payments Technology, E-Commerce Products