Advanced Materials

Faculty and researchers in Advanced Materials in USF Chemical Engineering design, develop, and understand new materials to make tomorrow's technologies possible. 

Semicrystalline material

Research Laboratories

Polymer and Soft Matter Design

PI: Dr. David S. Simmons | Website

Interfacial Characterization

PI: Dr. Norma Alcantar | ENG 120 | Website

Polymer Science and Smart Materials

PI: Dr. Ryan Toomey | ENG 120C

Interfacial Phenomena & Polymeric Materials

PI: Dr. Vinay Gupta | ENC 3001 | Webpage

Heterogeneous Catalysis & Materials Chemistry

PI: Dr. John Kuhn | IDRB 217 | Webpage

Sensors & Catalysis

PI: Venkat Bhethanabotla | IDRB 218 | Webpage

Applied Thermodynamics

PI: Dr. Scott Campbell | Webpage