International Applicants

Thank you for your interest in the Chemical Engineering Graduate Program. If you are seeking financial aid, unfortunately the department is not in a position to offer financial aid to incoming international master's students. We also cannot waive application fees, TOEFL or GRE test scores.

All applications must be submitted online and not sent to the Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Department. For international students residing outside the United States, the application and ALL corresponding materials must be received by USF Graduate Admissions by the international admission dates.

Please note that your application WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNTIL YOUR APPLICATION FEE, TEST SCORES, etc., ARE RECEIVED. Priority for processing applications is given to those applications that are complete.

A minimum score of 550 (written) or 213 (computerized) is required in TOEFL.
NOTE: If you do not receive passing scores on the TOFEL - your application will NOT be forwarded to the department from Admissions. So note carefully what your TOEFL score is. Passing score for the General Record Exam (GRE) in the University is 1000 on the VQ total (Verbal and Quantitative) while the department expects 1200 (Quantitative plus Verbal). Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better is required from an accredited college or university. Doctoral applicants are, in general, expected to have higher TOEFL, GRE scores and a superior GPA.

All graduate students should come prepared to support themselves for the first year - as required by United States law. Legally international students may not work more than 20 hours a week except during the summer. You may be permitted to take paid co-op  positions as part of your training. Check with the International Office before accepting outside employment.

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