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Dr. Norma Alcantar 
Research Areas: Surface Forces and Chemical Characterization, Micellar Surfactants, Nanoparticles, and Organic/Inorganic Thin Films
Office: ENC 3201  |  Email  |  813-974-8009  |  Website



Dr. Venkat R. Bhethanabotla 
Professor and Director of Materials Science & Engineering
Research Areas: Biosensors, Plasmonics, Computational Catalysis 
Office: IDRB 218  |  Email  |  813-974-3041  |  Website



Dr. J. Carlos Busot 
Emeritus Professor
Research Areas:  Reactor design and Simulation, Irreversible Thermodynamics, Engineering Education



Dr. Scott Campbell
Professor and Undergraduate Advisor
Research Areas: Solution Thermodynamics, Phase Equilibria, Environmental Monitoring and Modeling, Semiconductor Processing
Office: ENC 3405  |  Email  |  813-974-3907  |  Website



Dr. David Eddins
Interdisciplinary Professor
Research Areas:  Correlates of Auditory Perception, Auditory Perception of the Pathological Voice, Models of Auditory Processing
Office: PCD 4026  |  Email
  |  813-974-2464  |  Website



Dr. Robert Frisina, Jr 
Interdisciplinary Distinguished University Professor, Chair of Medical Engineering Dept.
Research Areas:  Development of Bio-therapeutic Systems, Devices and Compounds for Treating Sensory Deficits; Emphasis on Bench-to-Bedside Investigations of the Auditory System, and Translational Research on Deafness and Other Neuroengineering Applications.
Office: ENC 3504  |  Email  |  813-974-4394  |  Website



Dr. Nathan D. Gallant
Interdisciplinary Professor
Research Areas: Materials, Tissue Engineering, Mechanotransduction
Office: ENC 2407  |  Email  |  813-974-5840  |  Website



Dr. Richard Gilbert
Research Areas: Material Science, Biomedical Systems, Electrochemotherapy, Electrogenetherapy, Instrumentation, Engineering Education, and Drug delivery
Office: ENC 2210  |  Email  |  813-974-2139  |  Website


Ramon Gonzalez

Dr. Ramon Gonzalez
Professor and Florida 21st Century World Class Scholar
Research Areas: Metabolic Engineering, Biorefining and Biofuels
Office: ENC 3202 |  Email  | 813-974-1223 | Website



Dr. Yogi Goswami 
Distinguished University Professor
Research Areas:  Energy Conversion, Solar Energy, Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, HVAC
Office: ENB 260A  |  Email  |  813-974-0956 | Website



Dr. Vinay Gupta
Professor, Chemical Graduate Advisor
Research Areas: Interfacial Phenomena, Polymeric Materials, Organic – Inorganic Composites, Self – Assembled Systems, Molecular Recognition, Nanoscale/Smart Materials
Office: ENC 3200  |  Email  |  813-974-0851  |  Website



Dr. Clifford L. Henderson
Professor and Department Chair 
Research Areas: Polymer ultra-thin films and advanced membranes, Advanced materials and processes for semiconductor patterning, novel routes to manufacturing graphene and graphene devices
Office: ENC 3400  |  Email  | 813-974-6354  | Website



Dr. Mark Jaroszeski
Interdisciplinary Associate Professor
Research Areas: Drug and Gene Delivery, Electrofusion, Biomedical Instrumentation, Electrophoresis
Office: ENG 243  |  Email  |  813-974-4662



Dr. Babu Joseph
Research Areas: Modeling, Simulation and Control, Multi – scale Modeling of Systems, Clean Liquid Fuels from Biomass, Fischer – Tropsch Synthesis
Office: IDRB 212A and ENC 3403  |  Email  |  813-974-0692  |  Website



 Dr. Piyush Koria 
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine, Microscale Technologies, Biomaterials, Nanomedicine
Office: ENG 248  |  Email  |  813-974-6243  |  Website



Dr. John N. Kuhn
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and Associate Professor
Research Areas: Heterogeneous Catalysis, Materials Chemistry, Electro – catalysis, Engineering Education, Renewable Energy
Office: IDRB 202D  |  Email  |  813-974-6498  |  Website



Dr. William E. Lee III, PE
Research Areas: Biomechanics, Prosthetic Design, Creative Processes, Education 
Office: ENG 245  |  Email  |  813-974-2136



Dr. Christopher Passaglia
Interdisciplinary Professor
Research Areas: Vision Systems, Neural Signal Processing, Computational Modeling, Retinal Physiology and Disease
Office: ENG 247  |  Email  |  813-974-7140  |  Website



Dr. Sandy Pettit, PE
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, Instructor II
Research Areas: Pedagogy and Engineering Education
Office: ENC 3203  |  Email  |  813-974-1304



Dr. Anna Pyayt
Associate Professor
Research Areas:  Nano-photonic chips for Biomedicine
Office: IDRB 202E  |  Email  |  813-974-6250  |  Website



Dr. Alberto A. Sagüés 
Interdisciplinary Emeritus Professor
Research Areas: Corrosion of Engineering Materials, Materials for Infrastructure, Materials for Energy Systems Physical Metallurgy, Scientific Instrumentation, Nuclear Waste Disposal 
Office: ENL 111  |  Email  |  813-974-5819  |  Website


David Simmons

Dr. David Simmons
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Polymers, Molecular Simulations, Dynamics of Glassy Systems
Office: ENC 3205 |  Email  | 813-974-4988 | Website



Dr. Carlos Smith
Emeritus Professor
Research Areas: Automatic process control, Dynamic process modeling, Process engineering
|  Email  |



Dr. Lawrence A. Stern
Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Immunotherapy, Protein Engineering, Cell Engineering, Biomolecular Engineering, High-Throughput Screening Techniques
Office: ENC 2212 |  Email  | 813-974-5587 | Website




Dr. Aydin K. Sunol, PE
Research Areas: Systems engineering, Supercritical fluid technology, Green Engineering, Product and Process Design
Office: ENC 3217  |  Email  |  813-974-3566  |  Website



Dr. Ryan Toomey 
Research Areas:  Responsive Polymers, Hydrogels
Office: ENC 3503  |  Email  |  813-974-9164



Dr. Joseph P. Walton
Interdisciplinary Professor
Research Areas:  Neural Bases of Age – Related Hearing Loss, Brain Plasticity Following Injury, Neural Coding of Complex Sounds
Office: PCD 4022  |  Email  |  813-974-4634  |  Website