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Please view the Graduate School PowerPoint presentation and pay special attention to the financial aid related matters.

Accelerated BS/Master's Program in Chemical Engineering

Students interested in graduate study are invited to pursue an accelerated program leading to the B.S. and master's in chemical engineering. There are two main advantages to this program.

  • Students can double count six graduate credit hours (5000 or 6000 level) which reduces the overall course requirements for the graduate degree, can potentially allow completion of the graduate degree on an accelerated time scale, and can potentially provide savings in the cost of the degree.
  • Students can leverage undergraduate research when they pursue thesis option in the MS degree.

For the accelerated program in chemical engineering for the degrees ( MSCH), students must meet certain requirements.

  • An undergraduate ChE student accepted into the Accelerated Program must have an overall GPA of 3.33 or higher.
  • Students will have the choice of course-work only or coursework plus thesis option for the Masters degree. A thesis option requires the agreement of a faculty advisor and the degree may take longer for completion. See the graduate degree page for Chemical Engineering  for course worksheets and other requirements..
  • Accelerated degree students should apply for BS prior to obtaining the master's degrees once the graduation requirements for the BS have been met. The progression form to change to graduate status should be done at least 1 year prior to graduation with the masters degree.
  • IMPORTANT: ALL Progression Forms must be submitted before (at least the semester before) the students are ready to graduate with their Bachelor's Degrees
  • Once an accelerated student progresses to the graduate status, the student will follow the Graduate Catalog and the policies therein. In the first semester as a graduate student in the accelerated program, shared courses will need to be formally transferred.

STEP1: Students interested in applying to this program should fill out the Accelerated Application Form. Please note this form requires that:

  • The student must have more than 30 hours remaining in their bachelors degree requirements. Typically, this means that the application must be completed before the student begins their senior year.
  • The student meets a financial aid officer and get their signature.
  • The student meets the departmental undergraduate and graduate advisors to establish a plan of study including the shared courses 

The completed form is then submitted to the department with supporting documents.

Plan of Study Template

STEP2: When the student submits the application to obtain the BS degree and is ready to progress into graduate status, the student fills out the Accelerated Program Progression Form.

Please note that:

  • ALL Progression Forms must be submitted before (at least the semester before) the students are ready to graduate with their Bachelor's Degrees.
  • This form changes the status of the student to graduate in the semester of choice.
  • This form requires that all requirements for the progression into accelerated program have been met (for example, acceptable GRE scores have been reported, minimum GPA is met, graduate courses that will be shared have been completed or being taken.)
  • A copy of this form will need to be attached with the Undergraduate Program Graduation Certification Check List.

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