Program of Study

The full Chemical Engineering B.S. degree program, courses, course prerequisites, and a recommended schedule of study can be found in the USF catalog. One recommended schedule of study consistent with the 2020-2021 undergraduate catalog is shown in flowchart form below. Please consult with your catalog and your undergraduate advisor in developing a schedule of study consistent with your individual situation and program requirements.

undergraduate course flowchart

Course Offerings

A full list of Chemical Engineering courses (those prefixed with an "ECH") can be found in the course catalog or by following this link. Up-to-date prerequisites for each course can be found in its course catalog listing, which can be found via the undergraduate catalog or by following the links in the table below.

In planning your individual program of study, you may wish to take into account the following list of planned semesters in which required courses are currently anticipated to be offered. Please note that this schedule is subject to change and that all summer courses are subject to minimum enrollment requirements. Please be aware that there are certain deviations from this planned schedule for the Fall 2020 semester due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Anticipated Schedule of Course Offerings
Course # Course Title Typical semesters offered
ECH 3002 Intro to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Fall, Spring
ECH 3854 Engineering Computations Fall, Spring
EGN 3433 Modeling & Analysis of Engineering Systems Fall, Spring, Summer 
ECH 3023C Material and Energy Balances Fall, Spring, Summer
ECH 4846 Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering Fall, Spring, Summer (based on demand)
ECH 3101 ChE Thermodynamics I Fall, Spring, Summer 
ECH 4123 ChE Thermodynamics II Fall, Spring 
EMA 4003 Intro to Materials Science Fall, Spring 
ECH 3266

Transport Phenomena I

Fall, Spring 
ECH 4267 Transport Phenomena II Spring, Summer 
ECH 4418 Separations Spring, Summer 
ECH 4504 Reaction Engineering  Fall, Spring
ECH 4323 Process Dynamics and Control Fall, Spring 
ECH 3240L Chemical Engineering Lab I Fall, Spring (based on demand) 
ECH 4241L Chemical Engineering Lab II Spring, Fall (based on demand) 
ECH 4605 Product & Process Systems Engineering Fall 
ECH 4615S Product & Process Design Spring 
ECH 4680 Product Design & Manufacturing Fall 
ECH 4715 Safety & Ethics Fall