The Living Lab

In partnership with St. Joseph's John Knox, the HomeSense in-home sensory system is installed in a 506 sq-ft one bedroom apartment in Tampa FL near USF campus. This "Living Lab" serves as a test bed for new technology evaluation, sensory system validation, and alert and notification testing.

St. Josept's John Knox Apartment

 The sensory system consists of a combination of custom made and off-the-shelf sensors. Presently, there are 4 types of sensors operating in the Living Lab (LL): Contact Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Motion Detectors and Pressure Switches.

The sensory system automatically generates alerts that are based on the activation/non-activation of sensors to determine whether a number of different events pre-programmed into the system have taken place. These "events" are designed around the needs and daily living routine of the resident and are a personalized list created by the case manager working alongside the client.

Once an alert is observed by the sensory system, a notification is generated. The notification process is customized for each residence and typically involves calling the customer as the first step. If the notification is not resolved, it is escalated to notifying one or more individuals authorized by the customer such as neighbors and/or family members. These notifications can be phone calls, SMS or e-mail depending on the customer preference. If the notification is still not resolved, it is escalated to dispatching emergency services to the residence through                                                                                                            ReadyAlert.