Ten CSE students awarded Amazon Cybersecurity Scholarship


The 2022 Amazon Cybersecurity Scholarship recipients

The 2022 Amazon Cybersecurity Scholarship recipients.

June 6, 2022

Ashley Burinski, Brooke Gregory, Dalyla Nguyen, Flavio Velecela, Jadon Jackson, Jason Ryan Rodriguez, Joaquin P. Merida, Kayley Burinski, Pari Patel, and Trang Do (shown in the picture) were each awarded a $3000 scholarship made possible by a generous donation from Amazon Pay. Selection criteria included academic standing and student leadership.

The students are very thankful for the scholarship. Several students noted that the scholarship will allow them to focus more on their studies and worry less about financial concerns. Ashley Burinski said, “This scholarship is a wonderful gift and impacts students' lives by giving them the opportunity to further their academic success without financial worries.”

Other students will use the scholarship to pursue certifications and other educational directions. Flavio Velecela said, “This scholarship, to me, meant that I could further my education by researching different internships and certifications that could better assist me in the future with my career without financial troubles, which I am extremely grateful for.”

The scholarship benefits both the students and, more broadly, the cybersecurity discipline. Kayley Burinski said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

This scholarship initiative is part of the larger focus on Broadening Participation in Computing and industry engagement with students through the Computing Partners Program. CSE offers more than 40 scholarships to students on a yearly basis. CSE is continually looking for more scholarships for our 2345 undergraduate students.