Professor Hall and Professor Licato were interviewed by ABC News about AI Legislation


Last month, Distinguished University Professor Hall and Assistant Professor Licato were interviewed online by ABC News about the need for legislation concerning Artificial Intelligence.
Professor Licato told ABC that there are two common views on AI: “Unwarranted paranoia on one side. But also the exact extreme opposite, where some people think the technology is not going to affect my job at all. I don’t have to pay attention. I think both of those reactions are probably incorrect in some way.”


Professor Hall says there hasn’t been enough focus on detection methods and watermarks to prevent fraud. “I think that’s probably something we really need to do. It doesn’t seem so exciting. But for society, it’s really important,” said Hall. 
President Biden is expected to sign some sort of legislation into law, but what it will address is uncertain. To read or watch the full interview, click here.