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Dear IMSE Alumni and Friends:
We have a number of exciting initiatives in the IMSE department focused on the success of our students. Some examples include a focus on big data analytics through a major curriculum upgrade at all levels; comprehensive mentoring on development of leadership, community engagement, and global exposure; launching of an industry consortium (icIMSE) to engage students in project-based learning; and a successful INFORMS lecture series.

Your tax-deductible donation to the IMSE Department will help to impact our students' success by enhancing communication and management skills, community engagement, global exposure, project-based experiential learning, and creating new opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

 tapas das
Dr. Tapas K. Das, Professor and Chair

           Thank you for supporting our IMSE Annual Fund 220059.

Recent Endowments

Delbert and Beth Kimbler Endowment (2014)

The Del and Beth Kimbler Endowment Fund supports the prominent lecture series named in their honor, and hosts renowned speakers from around the globe in both business and academia. Del Kimbler is a BSIE'76 alumnus. The Del and Beth Kimbler Lecture series hosted an inaugural presentation by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed from Georgia Tech in April of 2014. Dr. Ahmed spoke on "Stochastic Integer Programming: Challenges and Progress"

The lectures for the 2014-2015 Academic Year were:
• Dr. Ben Hobbs of Johns Hopkins University
   "Modeling Electricity Markets with Optimization: Why It's Important (and Fun!)"
• Dr. Art Chaovalitwongse of the University of Washington
  "Decision Models of Medical Signal and Imaging Data to Improve Medical Diagnoses"
• Dr. Qiang Huang of the University of Southern California
  "Stochastic Modeling of Graphene Growth Processes"
• Dr. Binil Starly of North Carolina State University
  "Manufacturing for Regenerative Medicine"
• Dr. Diego Klabjan of Northwestern University
  "Optimization via Clustering in Machine Learning"

Kumar and Meena Ramachandran Innovation and Entrepreneurship Endowment (2015)

This endowment will enhance innovation and entrepreneurship
among industrial engineering students at all levels. Endowment supported
activities will include, but not limited to, design of products and services,
prototyping, patenting and licensing, venture formation, acquiring venture
capital, attending conferences and competitions, and other related activities
leading to overall success of IMSE students.