patricia anzalone

Dr. Patricia Anzalone, CPEM 
Professor of Instruction & MSEM Program Director
Research Interests: Engineering Management, Human-Machine systems Engineering, Quality and Continuous Improvement, and Safety Engineering      Office: ENC 2202 | Phone: 813-974-5573


hadi charkhgard

Dr. Hadi Charkhgard
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Multi-Objective Optimization, Operations Research, Integer Programming, and Artificial Inteligence
Office: ENC 2509 | Phone: 813-974-2090 |Website  


Jamie Chilton

Dr. Jamie Chilton  
Assistant Professor of Instruction  
Research Interests: Engineering Education, Engineering Management, Productivity, Economics, and Entrepreneurship 
Office: ENG 009  |  Phone: 813-974-7918 


das green

Dr. Tapas K. Das
Department Chair
Research Interests: Pandemic Mitigation, Healthcare Engineering, and Electric Power Systems & Policy
Bio | Office: ENC 2403|Phone: 813-974-5585


kwon green

Dr. Changhyun Kwon
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Transportation Systems Analysis, Service Operations, and Risk Management
Office: ENC 2506 | Phone: 813-974-5588|Website


lai-yuen green

Dr. Susana Lai-Yuen
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Deep learning, Machine Learning, Image Analysis, Computational Geometry, and Engineering Education
Office: ENC 2505 | Phone: 813-974-5547 | Website


li green

Dr. Trung Le
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Data-Driven and Sensor-based Modeling, Bio-instrumentation and Bio-signal Processing, Predictive analytics
Office: ENC 2200 | Website


okogbaa green

Dr. Mingyang Li
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Data Science and Informatics, Bayesian Statistics, Reliability and Quality, and Heathcare Analytics
Office: ENC 2203|Phone: 813-974-5579 | Website



Dr. Kingsley Reeves
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Director
Research Interests: Education Engineering, Lean Six Sigma, and Engineering Education
For Student Appointments 
Office: 2405 | Phone: 813-974-3352 | Website 


savachkin green

Dr. Alex Savachkin
Associate Professor
Graduate Director (IE)
Research Interests: Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems
Bio | Office: ENC 2201 | Phone: 813-974-5577



Dr. Ankit Shah
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: AI for Cybersecurity, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Adversarial Machine Learning, and Combinatorial Optimization

Website | Office : ENC 2211 | Phone: 813-974-5584 



Dr. Walter Silva
Assistant Professor of Instruction & Director of Graduate Certificate Programs.
Research Interests: Pandemic Mitigation, Data Analytics, Applied O.R., and Engineering Education
Office: ENG 010 | Phone: 813-974-9442 


weng green

Dr. Michael Weng
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Applied O.R., Computer Numeric Methods, and Scheduling
Office: ENC 2211 | Phone: 813-974-5575 


zayas-castro green

Dr. José Zayas-Castro
Research Interests: Healthcare Systems Engineering, Economic and Cost Systems, Manufacturing and R&D strategy, Engineering Education, and Engineering Entrepreneurship
Office: ENC 3509 | Phone: 813-974-5589