Areas of Research

The faculty and students of IMSE department at USF are very active in research in various critical areas of national and global interest. We strive to advance learning and build new knowledge and understanding in key areas as follows (with examples).

Research thrust areas include:

Enhancing AI/ML
  • Interpretability of data structures and clusterability
  • Explainable AI with scalable deterministic global optimal training
  • Reliable and trustworthy AI system through IOT data collection and federated learning
  • Domain-informed machine learning and multiscale modeling of nonlinear dynamics in    complex systems
  • Optimization of energy efficient neural networks
Cybersecure systems
  • Deep reinforcement learning-enabled cyber vulnerability management
  • Computer vision guided detection of out-of-distribution cyber attacks
Operations Research
  • Efficient approaches for scheduling problems
  • Multi-objective optimization and machine learning
Energy systems
  • Deep reinforcement learning model for dynamic pricing by fast-charging electric vehicle hubs in competition
  • Location and capacity determination for EV fast-charging hubs
Healthcare systems
  • Organ transplantation – improving the kidney allocation systems
  • Sensor guided models for detection of onset of adverse health events 
Logistics and Transportation
  • Large scale hierarchical vehicle routing with supervised learning
  • Equity and cost optimization in crowdsourced delivery
Infrastructure Reliability and Maintainability
  • Test design for reliability demonstration
  • Monitoring integrated sensor data for infrastructure maintenance