IMSE Doctoral Graduates

2018 Doctoral Graduates


Daniel Romero Rodriguez
Physical and Social Systems Resilience Assessment and Optimization
Major Professor: Dr. Alex Savachkin
Current Role: Professor at Universidad del Norte



2017 Doctoral Graduates


Andres Garcia Arce
Strategies for Reducing Preventable Hospital Readmissions on Medicare Patients.
Major Professor Dr. Zayas-Castro




Ran Zhang
Decision Support Models for A Few Critical Problems in Transportation System Design and Operations.
Major Professor: Dr. Bo Zeng




Walter Silva Sotillo
Analysis of a Potential A(H7N9) Influenza Pandemic Outbreak in the U.S.
Major Professor: Dr. Tapas Das




Aritra Pal
Improving Service Level of Free-Floating Bike Sharing Systems
Major Professor: Dr. Changhyun Kwon & Dr. Yu Zhang



2016 Doctoral Graduates 


Iman Nekooeimehr
Oversampling Methods for Imbalanced Dataset Classification and their Application to Gynecological Disorder Diagnosis.
Major Professor: Dr. Susana Lai-Yuen

Current Role: Operations Research Consultant at Revenue Analytics



Mona Haghighi
Rule-based Risk Monitoring Systems for Complex Datasets.
Major Professor: Dr. Tapas Das




Alireza Ghalebani
Renewable Energy Investment Planning and Policy Design.
Major Professor: Dr. Tapas Das
Current Role: Consultant at McKinsey & Company, New York Office




Yu Chen
Mining Dynamic Recurrences in Nonlinear and Nonstationary Systems for Feature Extraction, Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis.
Major Advisor: Dr. TBA


2015 Doctoral Graduates

Dongping Du

Physical-Statistical Modeling and Optimization of Cardiovascular System
Major Advisor: Dr. Hui Yang

Anna Danandeh
Achieving Reliable Generation & Delivery of Energy Through Robust Optimization
Major Advisor: Dr. Bo Zeng
Current Role: Manager of Business Intelligence - Marketing Effectiveness at Verizon, NYC

Gang Liu

Spatiotemporal Sensing and Informatics for Complex Systems Monitoring, Fault Identification and Root Cause Diagnostics
Major Advisor: Dr. Hui Yang

wei yuan
Wei Yuan

Reliable Power System Protection and Operations
Major Advisor: Dr. Bo Zeng

Felipe Feijoo

Analysis of Carbon Policies for Electricity Networks with High Penetration of Green Generation
Major Advisor: Dr. Tapas Das

Yazhou Liu
Patient Populations, Clinical Associations, and System Efficiency in Healthcare Delivery Systems
Major Advisor: Dr. Jose Zayas-Castro

Diego Martinez-Cea

Informing Policy, Design and Deployment of Health Information Technology
Major Advisor: Dr. Jose Zayas-Castro

Mehrnaz Abdollahian

Data-driven decision making for BRCA1/2 mutation carriers
Major Advisor: Dr. Tapas Das