Bull 2 Bull Reduce Your Debt*Please be advised that this scholarship opportunity is not available to graduate, medical, or international students*

College debt grows faster than a radioactive monster in a retro comic book. It lurks just out of sight, but it is always there, threatening to take your money hostage now and in the future. POW! Fight back by joining forces with Zero the Loan Reduction Hero! The super powerful zero on a mission to reduce your debt to the lowest amount possible. Be like Zero and earn your Super Hero badges by fighting debt and leaping over financial pitfalls. ​

Super Hero badges include: ​

Money Management ​
Investing ​
Student loans ​

Each badge you earn will give 1 entry into drawing for $500. The more badges you earn, the better chances you have to win.

At the end of the semester, we will select 3 students to have $500 of their student loans forgiven. If you are selected and do not have a student loan, we will award you $500!!

Click here to enroll in the program.

  Fall Spring
1st Day of Enrollment September 7th January 24th
Last Day to Earn Badges November 19th April 22nd