Bull2Bull is a peer based financial education program seeking to coach students who would like to achieve financial goals or address financial challenges. We believe the peer-to-peer model benefits USF students, because who understands you better than other students? Follow us on Instagram and BullsConnect for ongoing money management tips and upcoming event details.

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Financial Education

(45 Min.)

Credit - Click here to register

Have you considered opening a new credit card account? Have questions about your credit score and reports? Want tips on protecting your identity? Meet with a Peer Financial Educator.

Money Management
(45 Min.)

Money Management - Click here to register

Managing your money is not fun, but your Peer Financial Educator has helpful tools that will help you monitor your educational and personal spending on a monthly or yearly basis in a relatable way.

Investing 101/201/301
(45 Min.)


Need a strategy for saving money or just want to learn the basics of investing? We are here for you! Investing levels 101, 201, and 301 are available and must be completed in sequential order.

Borrowing Student Loans
(45 Min.)


How much is too much? How much is too little? Student loans may be necessary to fund your college experience. Let us help you make that decision!

Saving for Study Abroad
(45 Min.)

Study Abroad

Our Peer Financial Educators can help you create a financial saving plan to assist in funding your travel abroad.

Repaying Student Loans (Exit Counseling)
(45 Min.)


Approaching graduation or just graduated? That means it's almost time to repay the loans you borrowed. Don't worry! There are several manageable repayment options. Let's meet one-on-one to explore which option works best for you, confirm your loan servicer, and answer your loan repayment questions.

Insurance 101


NEW SESSION AVAILABLE! Insurance can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! In this session, we review the basics of insurance terminology, coverage essentials, and tips to choose the right plans for your budget. Level 201 coming soon.

Special Populations

Financial Guide for Out of State Students
(45 Min.)

Out of State

During this session, parent(s) or guardian(s) and students will have a one-on-one opportunity to review the estimated out of state cost of attendance.

Financial Guide for International Students
(45 Min.)


Visiting a different country can be overwhelming. Come visit us and attend our Being an International Student coaching session with a Peer Educator as we highlight the tips necessary to ease your transition!

Financial Guide for Students in SSS
(45 Min.)

Student Services

Required Money Management appointment for students participating in Student Support Services.

Financial Guide for Student-Athletes
(45 Min.)

Student Athlete

Session dedicated to the financial journey for USF's student athletes.

Medical Students

Medical Students

USF Health provides professional financial literacy guidance via one-on-one coaching, workshops, and accessible resources. 




Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness
(45 Min.)

Financial Challenges

*Conducted by a Bull2Bull Professional Staff Member* Having trouble meeting your current financial responsibilities? Let's work together to explore your financial options. This is a coaching session and additional funding to cover bills will not be provided.

(45 Min.)


*Conducted by a Bull2Bull Professional Staff Member* You have received a referral from your academic advisor, an administrator, or instructor.