Ombuds Services

What We Do Not Do

  • Make binding decisions
  • Render formal findings of fact
  • Establish, change or override policies or administrative decisions
    IOA Ethics
  • Provide legal advice or serve as a substitute for anyone's lawyer
    representative or counselor
  • Provide mental health treatment
  • Participate in grievances or other formal processes
  • Serve as an advocate for any person or party
  • Serve as an agent of notice for claims against USF because we are not an authorized notice channel 
  • Testify or produce documents relating to confidential communication in any judicial or administrative proceeding, unless required by law
  • Conduct formal investigations
  • Provide formal mediation of legal interests

Professional Standards: We operate according to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice established by the International Ombudsman Association (IOA). Please visit the IOA website to learn more about the IOA's Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice.