Ombuds Services

Why Should Faculty, Staff & Administrators Visit?

University of South Florida System faculty, staff and administrators can benefit from the Ombuds Office in many ways, including assistance in dealing with conflicts with colleagues or supervisors, communication problems and questions about what options are available for handling a workplace problem. Other reasons for visiting the Ombuds include:

 Ombuds Roadmap

     Roadmap to Conflict Resolution

Communications with the Ombuds are confidential to the extent permissible by law and are considered off-the-record. The Ombuds is not authorized to accept notice of claims against USF.  Anyone wishing to give the University notice of claims against it must contact one of the University's formal channels authorized to receive such notice. The Ombuds can discuss how you may access one of these formal channels but does not participate in any formal proceeding, including serving as a witness or producing documents with respect to confidential communications.