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Glo-Bull Beginnings is a mandatory program for all undergraduate international students enrolling in USF. However, international students who have been living and studying in the U.S. for more than one year are eligible to attend another orientation session. If you are a student in this situation, you have likely already adjusted to life in the U.S. and its educational system. In addition to the Orientation session, you will need to coordinate with International Services to ensure that the proper paperwork is on file.

Eligibility Requirements for First Year Students
Attend 1 full year at a U.S. high school and graduate from that high school. 
Eligibility Requirements for Transfer Students
Attended 1 full year (2 consecutive semesters) at a U.S. post-secondary institution completed prior to your Orientation session.

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If you believe that you meet the eligibility requirements and have the necessary documentation, please submit a request at the link below.