Next Steps

International Student Forms

Sometimes, we need a little more information to make a decision about your application.

Please log into your Admission Portal to complete the following forms:

  • Application Addendum Form
  • Application Update Form
  • Explanation of Activities
  • Home School Transcript
  • Third Party Authorization Form
  • Undergraduate Residency Declaration Form

Once you are in the portal, select the FORMS tab to identify a fillable PDF form to be submitted directly to your USF admission record.

All Applicants

  • Application for Admission - If you are unable to complete the online application, please fill out and submit this paper admissions application.

  • Conduct Statement - If you indicated on your application that you have had previous disciplinary or legal issues, you will need to submit this document along with any requisite supporting documentation. 

  • Explanation of Activities - If there is a gap in your educational history you will need to submit this form to verify whether you have taken university courses during this period. 

  • Immunization History Form - All students new to USF are required to submit a signed copy of this form along with immunization documentation. 

  • International Student Health Insurance Agreement Form - All international students studying at USF are required to have adequate health insurance coverage at all times. You must submit the Student Health Insurance Agreement before the semester begins. If you fail to submit the form, you will have a registration hold on your account and not be able to sign up for classes. 

  • International Student Health Insurance Compliance Form - If not purchasing insurance with the Student Medical Insurance Plan (SMIP), you will need to have your health insurance representative submit this form. 

  • Residency Declaration - If you are claiming Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes, you will need to fill out and submit this form. Students under 24 years will need to have a parent or legal guardian fill out the form.

  • Third Party Authorization - If you would like to designate a third party to be able to discuss the particulars of your admissions application (e.g. family members, educational officials), you will need to fill out and submit this form before we can discuss your file with your designee. 

  • USF Student Health Services Online Records Submission - Immunization records (and the signed USF Medical History form) can be scanned and submitted with this online form. 

Freshman and Transfer Applicants

  • Application Update Form - If you need to update your contact information, term of entry, major, and/or campus, you will need to submit this form. 

  • International Application Addendum Form 

Graduate Applicants 

  • Application Fee Waiver Verification Request Form - Students involved in the McNair Program, RISE Program, FGLSAMP Program, FAMU Feeder Program, USTAR-MARC Program, and Incoming Exchange Student Program (Traveling Scholar - TRS) will need to have this form signed by a Program Director/Designee. 

  • Appeal for Reconsideration Form - This request must be submitted directly to the graduate program for which an appeal for reconsideration is being sought. Students submitting this form must also attach a cover letter stating the reasons for requesting an Appeal for Reconsideration. 

  • Deferment of Admission Request Form If you need to defer your admission for up to 12 months, this request must be submitted directly to the graduate program for which a deferment of admission is being sought. International students must also provide a new Financial Statement, Promissory Letter dated within six months of the desired term of entry. 

  • Letter of Recommendation Request Form - Please complete all the prospective student information below. Please make additional copies of this form to each person from whom you are soliciting a letter of recommendation. 

  • Self-Reported GPA Worksheet - To expedite the processing of applications, all domestic (U.S.) applicants are required to compute their undergraduate upper-level GPA. These instructions apply to grades earned at all U.S. institutions that use a 4.0 point scale. Do not calculate your GPA if you completed your undergraduate work at a non-US institution. 

  • Transcript Request Form - Send a copy of this request directly to the institution of higher learning where a bachelor's or higher degree was awarded. If you are an undergraduate, you must submit official transcripts of at least 6 semesters of completed undergraduate work to be considered for a USF graduate program.

  • International Graduate Addendum Form