International Insurance Compliance

International Insurance Compliance

To remove the SI hold for Fall 2018 please complete the Agreement form by clicking here.

Students under an F/J visa are required to carry health insurance that meets the minimum coverage requirements per Florida Board of Governor's Regulation 6.009 and USF Regulation 6.0162.

Please visit to review the 2018-2019 USF Student Health Insurance policy

International students will be able to enroll online and pay Gallagher Student Health & Risk directly beginning Wednesday, August 1, 2018. To enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan for the 2018-2019 policy year:

  1. Visit
  2. If you are using a computer, click on "International Student Enroll" under "Student Access". If you are using a mobile device, tap "Quick Links", then "International Student Enroll"
  3. Log in using the instructions provided under "Student Login" on the upper right hand corner of the page
  4. Please answer the questions to be directed to the applicable online enrollment form
2018-2019 USF Student Health Insurance Plan
Rates Student
Annual (8/17/18-8/16/19) $2,403
Fall (8/17/18-12/31/18) $902

You can provide an adequate alternative policy. Please refer to the 2018-2019 pre-approved alternative insurance list. If you purchase a policy from a company listed on the pre-approved alternative list, that insurance company will submit proof of enrollment to our office on your behalf.  If you use any other insurance policy, you will need to have the insurance company complete and submit the USF Insurance Compliance form to us with a detailed policy brochure.  Proof of your alternative policy needs to be submitted to us prior to August 10, 2018.

Students NOT under an F/J visa, can enroll online for the 2018-2019 USF Student Insurance policy or provide a copy of the front and back of their health insurance card, as your requirements are slightly different.