Graduate Assistants

One of the benefits of being a Graduate Assistant/Associate (GA) at USF is that you may participate in the USF Student Health Insurance Plan and, as a GA, may be eligible to have your insurance premium paid by the university. The Student Health Insurance Plan is administered by Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk and underwritten by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company.

To be eligible, you must be a full time GA in good standing (including meeting the credit hour and GPA requirements of the Graduate School and your academic program) with at least a .25 FTE (10 hours per week) appointment in one or more of the following Job Codes:

  • Graduate Research Associate - Job Code 9181
  • Graduate Research Assistant - Job Code 9182
  • Graduate Teaching Associate - Job Code 9183
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant - Job Code 9184
  • Graduate Assistant (non-exempt) - Job Code 9185
  • Graduate Assistant (exempt) - Job Code 9550

The 2022-2023 individual annual premium is $3,062.00. USF has tentatively agreed to pay up to $2,762.00 of the annual premium for eligible GAs with at least a .25 FTE. Students will be responsible for the difference in annual premium of $300.00. Please see the GA Subsidy Biweekly Processing Schedule for a break-down of the deduction schedule. 

The University’s contribution is paid directly to the administrator, Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk. GAs must enroll in the plan during the Open Enrollment period to be eligible and insurable for the semester(s) of employment, and must maintain eligibility throughout the semester(s).


To enroll during Open Enrollment, visit the Open Enrollment Website and follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account by entering your email address. If this is the first time visiting the new site you will need to register an account by clicking "sign up". Returning users can just log in.

  2. If you are an international student, select International under Student Category.

  3. Once you are logged in, begin the GA/TA/RA enrollment process by choosing the coverage option that best suites you under 'Plan Summary'. Then click enroll and follow the prompts to enroll yourself and any eligible dependents. (You should have a copy of your Offer Letter available when completing the application.)

For questions regarding the GA subsidy, email Central Human Resources – Benefits Office at

For questions concerning the content of the plan, including coverage details, contact Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk at 1 (877) 539-3492, via Live Chat or Online Inquiry.

For questions concerning referrals, claims, and services rendered contact UnitedHealthcare at 1 (866) 948-8472 or email them at

The Student Health Insurance Office is located in the SHS Annex, next to the Student Health Services Building, and administers the student health insurance program. For more information visit the Student Health Services website, call (813) 974-5407, or contact them through their Jotform

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