Immunization Compliance Overview

Student Requirements

Per USF Policy 33-002, it is mandatory for USF students to submit all required immunization documentation and sign the official Medical History Form prior to course registration. A hold preventing registration will remain on your account until you have fulfilled these requirements.  

  1. Medical History Form: sign form electronically through student account or download and sign the Medical History from. Parent/Guardian signature required if student is under 18.
  2. Measles & Rubella Immunity: Submit proof of 2 MMRs given after 1st birthday OR IgG quantitative lab report, done within the last 5 years. Lab report must include result and reference range.
  3. Hepatitis B Immunity: Submit proof of immunity to Hepatitis B by providing 3 vaccine dates or quantitative lab report. You may waive this recommended vaccine through your student OASIS account. For example of how to acknowledge and decline vaccine, click here.
  4. Meningitis Immunity: Submit proof of Meningitis vaccination administered after 16th birthday. You may waive this recommended vaccine through your student OASIS account. For example of how to acknowledge and decline vaccine, click here.
  5. TB Screening: Per USF Policy 33-003 Tuberculosis Screening required for all students who use an international address at the time of application. Screening must be done within 6 months prior to the 1st semester you physically attend classes on any of the USF campuses. See this example of Tuberculosis screening document.

If you are a continuing student and delayed your arrival to campus, you will be required to submit a new TB screening.

Lab reports must be submitted in quantitative format, please see this example Lab Report

For a detailed explanation of the requirements, please download the following Submission Guide.

Degree-seeking Students may submit your documents one of the following ways: Admissions portal or MyBullsPath portal (undergraduates only).

Non Degree-seeking Students may submit documents via Web Submissions upload 

If you are unable to submit one of the above ways, you may mail, fax, or email our office. Contact information provided at the bottom of the page. 

To view your immunization status and specific requirements, log into MyBullsPath Portal or OASIS, select personal information and then View Immunization Record. For a guide on electronically acknowledging and removing IM and MH holds, click here.

If you are having difficulties with your immunizations due to the pandemic please click here for more information.

For an exemption request, please contact our office directly.  

USF Health Professional Colleges: the following students have additional requirements. Please click here to access the information for programs through College of Medicine:

  • ATT (Athletic Training)
  • DPT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy)
  • Medical
  • PA (Physician Assistant)
  • Pharmacy

As well as, these programs in USF Health College of Public Health, click here for information:

  • DI (Dietetic Internship)

CDC Recommendations for Optional Vaccines
Hepatitis B - A serious infectious disease caused by a virus that attacks the liver. The highest rate of disease occurs in individuals between the ages of 20 and 49. Living in close quarters (like a residence hall) can increase the risk of exposure. There is no cure for Hepatitis B (Hep B), but the infection can be prevented by vaccination. The American College Health Association (AHCA) recommends that all college students be vaccinated.
Hep B Info Click here

Meningitis - Bacterial meningitis is a very serious, potentially fatal illness. While it is fairly rare, first-year students living in residence halls have a statistically higher chance of getting the disease than young adults of the same age who aren't college freshmen living in residence halls.
Meningitis info Click here


Course registration is not impacted by the presence of immunization holds. (IM Hold and MH Hold). If 100% of your classes are online, you are not mandated to meet the immunization requirement. The immunization holds will always remain on your account and if your online class requires you to come to campus for any reason (even orientation) or meet in group discussions off campus, you will be required to fulfill the immunization requirements. If you are unable to register for an online course, please contact the department hosting the course to resolve the issue. 

Click here for a tutorial on how to register.


Graduates & Former Students
For a certified copy of your immunization record, log into your OASIS account, select Personal Information, and choose View Immunization Record to print your immunizations.
No longer have access to your OASIS account? Click here.


Fax: 813-974-5888
Mail: 4202 E Fowler Ave, SHS 100, Tampa, FL 33620-6750
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