Frequently Asked Question

NOTE: Please allow 48 to 72 business hours for your inquiry to be reviewed. Do NOT submit duplicate inquiries and/or documents, as it will cause a delay in our response. As we approach the start of the semester and the volume of submissions increase, it can take up to 10 business days to be reviewed.  
Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) is closed whenever the University is closed.  

What immunizations (aka vaccinations)/screenings are required to attend classes at USF? 


2 MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccines given after your first birthday OR recent quantitative blood test showing immunity. 

TB screening (if you resided abroad (not in the USA) at the time you applied to USF) completed within 6 months prior to the 1st semester you will physically attend USF classes. 


3 Hepatitis B vaccines OR recent quantitative blood test showing immunity  

Meningitis vaccine that was received after your 16th birthday 

What is difference between required and optional vaccines? 


You will need to provide evidence on being vaccinated or get vaccinated for required MMR vaccine series. 

You will need to provide evidence on being vaccinated for Hepatitis B vaccine series and/or Meningitis vaccine OR indicate you decline the Hepatitis B vaccine series and/or Meningitis vaccine. 

How do I locate my immunization/vaccination records? 


Since most of the vaccines are administered during your childhood, here are some places to check: 

All documentation must include your full legal name, date of birth and the medical provider/clinic’s contact number.  

How do I submit my immunization/vaccination documents? 


You may submit/upload your documents via MyBullsPath or Web Submission. For a guide on electronically acknowledging and removing the “IMMN” course restriction attribute via OASIS, click here.

Who can complete the USF Medical History form?  


Students will need to complete their demographic information; in the upper right corner and can decline any recommended/optional vaccines by checking the applicable box. A healthcare provider needs to complete Section A and Section B. Please note: You may submit supporting documentation of your vaccines in place on the USF Medical History form if it includes your full legal name, date of birth and contact information for the person/entity that supplied you with the document.  

What happens if I decline any of the recommended vaccines (Hepatitis B and Meningitis)?  


FL BOG and USF strongly recommends both the Hepatitis B and Meningitis vaccines to prevent outbreaks and promote health. Declining these vaccines, will not affect housing or registration.  If you decide to obtain these vaccines after you decline them, you may submit proof to our office and we will update your account accordingly.  

What if my documents are in another language OR I am not able to complete all requirements before I come to USF?  


All documents need to be officially translated to English. Documents should include stamp and signature of translator, as well as, translator’s contact information. Students may receive missing vaccines/screening at the Student Health and Wellness Center or any off-campus medical facility. However, you cannot register for classes until the immunization requirement is fulfilled.  

What if I am Online only?


If 100% of your classes are coded by the USF Registrar as 100% online, you will be able to register without satisfying the immunization requirements listed on the Immunization Compliance Overview. However, the course restriction attribute, “IMMN” will remain on your student account to prevent registration for in-person classes until you have fulfilled the requirement. Please note, providing proof of immunity in advance will allow you to register for in-person classes in future semesters. 

How can I obtain a copy of my immunization/vaccination records with USF?  


You can access a certified copy of your immunization records: 

  1. Log into your OASIS account
  2. Select “Personal Information”
  3. Choose “View Immunization Record”
  4. Print your immunizations 

For specific instructions on how to satisfy the Immunization “IMMN” course restriction attribute visit our webpage.