First Year Students

A minimum of 1 week prior to your USF Orientation, Per USF Policy 33-002, it is mandatory for USF students to submit all required immunization documentation and sign the official Medical History Form prior to course registration. A hold preventing registration will remain on your account until you have fulfilled the requirements listed on Immunization Compliance Overview.

USF Immunization Compliance Overview

Overview provides clarification on all required and medically recommended elements. For a guide on electronically acknowledging and removing IM and MH holds via OASIS, click on the link below.

Methods to upload records

You may submit/upload your documents via MyBullsPath or Web Submission, links below. To electronically acknowledging and remove IM and MH holds via your OASIS account, click the link below.

National Immunization Information Database

The National Immunization Information Database can be used for students to check and see if their vaccine records are on file with another state.