Online Students (regardless of COVID-19)

If 100% of your classes are online, you are not mandated to meet the immunization requirements listed on the Immunization Compliance Overview page; however, having vaccination records for all students is valuable for community health. If the online class you are registering for is coded correctly you will be able to register.

Difficulty in registering?

Please note: If you are required to come to campus for any reason (even orientation) or meet for group discussions off campus, then course registration will be restricted until you have fulfilled this requirement per USF Policy 33-002. If you are unable to register for an online course, please CONTACT YOUR DEPARTMENT IF YOU CAN'T REGISTER or contact the department hosting the course to resolve the issue.

Methods to upload records

You may submit/upload your documents via Web Submission with the link below. For a guide on electronically acknowledging and removing IM and MH holds via OASIS, click the link below.

National Immunization Information Database

The National Immunization Information Database can be used for students to check and see if their vaccine records are on file with another state.