INTO USF Students

*If you are attending Orientation for Spring or Summer/Fall 2022, please check back later for your specific information regarding your sessions and other important information.*

We know that as part of the INTO program, you have already spent at least a semester on USF's campus. However, USF policy still requires you to complete an undergraduate Orientation program as you transition out of the INTO program. With this in mind, we have worked closely with the INTO Staff to develop an Online Orientation for you to complete.

Your myOrientation account is your online access to your Orientation reservation.

What should you expect to learn in the Online Orientation?

The INTO USF Orientation program is designed with specific resources and information and is tailored to international students' unique needs. The Orientation will assist students with the transition to becoming a full-time college student.

This program will cover these main areas:

  • Immigration and Student Status - overview of Change Of Level I-20 and other immigration policies
  • Academic Essentials - academic policies and resources that you will need to know as a student
  • Student Success - co-curricular support and experiences to enhance your education and future career
  • Campus Life and Engagement - ways to get involved and become a well-rounded student at USF
  • Financial Information - important information about financial aid and paying your tuition & fees
  • Student Health Services - important information about health insurance and SHS resources

After successfully completing the entire program, students will be able to go back through and reference information as needed.

Please note, if you are an INTO Undergraduate Pathway or Graduate Pathway Student, please see the INTO Orientation website here.