Faculty success is a cornerstone of USF’s advancement and the lifelong success of our students. Building upon the original workgroup recommendations presented in December 2019; and despite disruptions due to Covid-19, we are excited to share that the Faculty Success Initiative is well underway and being led by Dr. Pritish Mukherjee serving as executive coordinator and ably supported by Dr. Brett Kemker as assistant coordinator. The initiative is a strategic holistic approach to Faculty Success designed to foster personal and professional development with point-in-time resources for early-career, mid-career, and senior faculty with an emphasis on equity and excellence across all three campuses.

As a reflection of the institutional environment and culture of USF, the Faculty Success Initiative includes the following four core areas that align with broader aspects of faculty support and success:

 Teaching & Learning

Teaching and student learning are at the core of USF's mission, faculty should be inspired and empowered to rejuvenate their teaching as a means to promoting student success through evidence-based practices.

Research, Partnerships, & Communication

Over the past decade, the Tampa Bay community has emerged as one of the top 10 fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country—attracting Fortune 500 companies, major athletic and cultural institutions, and top talent from around the world. The growth of the region along with a top-ranked research university across three campuses provides a unique opportunity to engage in high-impact research, facilitate meaningful partnerships, and advance the mission of the university.

Access & Empowerment

Access & Empowerment recognizes the importance of recruitment, retention, support, and access on the lifetime of a faculty member at USF. There are a multitude of factors that they are impacted their experience, including professional development opportunities, leadership development, compensation, and classification.

Finance, Infrastructure & Analysis

Finance, Infrastrcuture, & Analysis (FIA) incorporates elements of the university’s finance and infrastructure that directly influence the university culture and impact how creativity and innovation are utilized within USF.

This website is a living resource that will continue to be refined as new events and information are developed through the ongoing Faculty Success Initiative.