Academic Affairs and Student Success Leadership Resource Guide

Resource Guide Overview

The following resource guide is a collection of institutional resources and tools designed to support our university core commitments. 

student success

Access to student success data and information in the Student Success Hub.

faculty excellence

Resources to support teaching and learning, research, and other areas of the faculty experience.

staff distinction

Access HR's staff resources including professional and leadership development tools.

engagement & outreach

Review resources for facilitating engagement within USF, locally, nationally, and globally.

value of the Arts

Review the Arts events calendar and new exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary art.


Learn more about USF Athletics through their strategic plan, review the athletics calendar, and learn about Foundation and Alumni programs.

operational excellence

Review university policies, procedures, supplier diversity information, and compliance information that support USF's operations.

research support

Explore resources for inventors, researchers, and research administrators including policies and procedures for research.

Institutional infrastructure

Learn more about the services offered through Innovative Education, Information Technology, and USF Libraries.

Institutional sustainability

Learn about USF sustainability efforts through facilities management and how USF supports sustainability throughout the Tampa Bay area.

New policies and state statutes

Review new policies and statutes impacting universities.

This Resource Guide is a living a collection of resources, we encourage you to contact us with feedback and suggestions on additional content to be included.