Academic Affairs and Student Success Leadership Resource Guide

Faculty Excellence

Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning (CITL)

CITL provides faculty with resources and an environment to explore new and innovative ways to engage in learning and scholarship. Visit the CITL website.

Academic Continuity

This USF Toolkit provides you with the information and resources necessary to support your course delivery, including frequently asked questions and technical assistance. Review the toolkit. 

ODS Faculty Hub

The Faculty Data, Reporting & Analytics (FDRA) unit within the ODS is responsible for supplying faculty data and completing formal reporting for the following:

ODS Strategic Performance Hub:

The University Performance & Survey Analytics (UPSA) unit within the ODS routinely collects data about higher education institutions from various sources to assess USF's strategic performance against its peers.

ODS Academic Planning site

The Academic Planning and Operational Reporting (APOR) unit with the ODS created this website to provide information related to Curriculum Codes, Degree Inventory, new degree proposals, and Integrated Curricula. Learn more about Academic Planning. 

ODS Institutional Effectiveness

The Institutional Effectiveness (IE) unit within the ODS provides support and information related to Accreditation and Assessment, new academic program formation or dissolution, centers and institutes, and other substantive changes. Visit the Institutional Effectiveness site for more information. 

Faculty Recruitment Resources

Faculty hiring forms and compensation information can be accessed here.

Tenure & Promotion

University guidelines and general information about the T&P process. Learn more about T&P at USF. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Visit the Diversity and Inclusion Office website to learn more about institutional diversity programs and university-wide, multi-faceted inclusion and diversity initiatives to support the University's commitment to diversity, inclusiveness and equity.

Faculty-focused DEI Resources

  • Faculty Diversity: Chronicle of Higher Education Article
    • Colleges have been rethinking diversity on many fronts, including in faculty ranks. The Chronicle of Higher Education put together a collection of essential reads to support diverse faculty and minority scholars. View the collection here.
  • Faculty Well-being Best Practices
    • The Chronicle hosted a virtual forum to dive into the results from a fall 2020 faculty survey and explored solutions for HR departments at colleges and universities around the country. Watch the event here.
    • Review a presentation on Faculty and Staff Health and Wellness from the ACHA Faculty and Staff Health and Wellness Coalition, this includes an overview of theories and models of health promotion. View the presentation here.
  • Faculty Hiring Practices
  • ASPIRE Alliance resources
    • USF is a member of the ASPIRE Alliance and an institutional change member. ASPIRE seeks to develop inclusive and diverse STEM faculty by aligning and reinforcing both professional development and hiring practices of STEM faculty simultaneously at institutional, regional and national levels, and to do so through a social equity-based collective impact process. Review resources to support LGBT+ faculty, faculty with disabilities, and more here.

Faculty Professional Development Workshops

Faculty professional workshops are offered on a regular basis to support new and early career faculty on a variety of topics including developing departmental relationships,
time management, developing and funding research, professional development resources, and publishing and writing tips. Workshops will be listed with Faculty Professional Development events here. 

SUS Department Chairs Workshop

The purpose of these workshops is to support the development of the chair as an academic leader within the department and within the institution as a whole. Learn more about this state program. 

The Chronicle's Strategic-Leadership Program: Department Chairs

USF EAP Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a service program designed to assist employees with personal, family, or workplace concerns/issues. Access USF EAP. 

Identity-based Advisory Committees and Councils

Explore councils and advisory groups, including the Black Faculty and Staff Association, Status of Latinos, and others. Learn more about the identity-based groups at USF. 

Virtual Workshop: Best Practices for Supporting Undergraduate STEM Faculty and Students in the Online Transition

In this workshop hosted by the AAAS-IUSE Initiative, speakers share research findings on supporting faculty and students in the transition to online learning. Watch it here.