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Advisory Committees & Councils

Presidential Advisory Committees

Presidential Advisory Committees report to the USF President about issues of relevance to the USF committee. An application form to create a new Presidential Advisory Committee is accessible here.

Committee on Black Affairs (COBA)

Co-Chair: Dr. Denise Davis-Cotton, Director of Florida Center for PAInT

Co-Chair: Dr. Janet Roman, Associate Professor of Nursing and Director of DNP Program

Membership: COBA Membership

Annual Report: 2019-2020 COBA Report

Charge: The Committee on Black Affairs is responsible for advising the President on matters affecting black faculty, staff and students of the University. The committee shall also be responsible for advising the President regarding the University's relationship to the black community. This includes monitoring "quality of life" issues as they relate to the climate within the University. The appointment to this committee is done by the University President.

Committee Issues on Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (CISOGI)

Co-Chair: Jennifer Iceton, Academic Services Administrator, USF Zimmerman School of Advertising & Mass Communications

Co-Chair: Dr. Michael Rogers, Licensed Psychologist, Assistant Director for Training, USF Counseling Center

Membership: CISOGI Membership

Annual Report: 2020-21 CISOGI Report

Charge: The President's Committee on Issues of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (CISOGI) is charged to (a) advise the President on matters pertaining to issues of sexual and/or affectional orientation as they pertain to USF faculty, staff, and students; (b) evaluates and monitors the university environment for problems and issues related to these matters. The appointment to this committee is done by the University President.

Status of Latinos

 Information forthcoming

Status of Men

Co-Chair: Dr. William (Bill) Cummings, Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives & Student Success

Membership: SOM Membership

Annual Report: 2020-21 SOM Report

Charge: The Status of Men Presidential Advisory Committee is charged with investigating, assessing, and recommending actions to increase the rate of degree progression and timely degree attainment among male undergraduates at the University of South Florida.

Proposed Councils

Inactive Councils

Status on Women

Ethics and Integrity


Community-Based Advisory Councils

Community-Based Advisory Councils aim to promote dialogue between USF and the greater Tampa Bay region.

African American Advisory Council

The vision of the African American Advisory Committee is to promote, empower, and enhance the quality of university life and educational opportunities for and success of African American students at the University of South Florida.

The mission of the African American Advisory Committee is to serve African Americans who are matriculating at the University of South Florida or who are interested in attending the University by providing financial assistance; admission assistance; and mentoring to help them achieve admission to and graduation from the University of South Florida. By doing this, the Committee assists the University by providing students the information and skills to be successful in a multicultural and global society.

Latin American Advisory Council

The Vision of the Latin American Advisory Council is to assist USF in becoming a leading university in the education of Hispanics.

The mission of the Latin American Advisory Council is to serve as a bridge between the University and the Hispanic Community; to assist the University in increasing the number of Hispanic faculty and decision-making administrators, and the number of Hispanic students enrolling and completing their degree at USF; and to inform USF about the needs and value of Hispanics in order to respond to the impact of the growing Hispanic population in or community, state, and nation.

The Committee will, therefore, advise the President on USF's issues, programs, and initiatives, both internal and external, as they relate to Latinos/Hispanics. In addition, the Committee will assist the President in linking various Latinos/Hispanics organizations and individuals in the community, locally, regionally, and internationally, for purposes that will further USF's mission and strategic plan. Finally, the Committee will assist the President by serving as champions of the University of South Florida in the Latino/Hispanic community, and in recognizing Latinos/Hispanics through appropriate University channels.