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Post-Tenure Review


The 2022 Florida Legislature amended Florida Statutes Section 1001.706 authorizing the BOG to adopt a post-tenure review regulation. The BOG, in turn, adopted Regulation 10.003 requiring SUS institutions with tenured faculty to adopt a post-tenure review process by October 16, 2023.  In response, USF has developed a USF Post-Tenure Review Regulation that was approved by the Board of Trustees on August 22nd, 2023.

Procedure for Post-Tenure Review Development

Provost Mohapatra constituted a 12-member Post-Tenure Review Planning Workgroup on May 4th, 2023, which included administrative and faculty representation from across all campuses at USF including USF Health. The Workgroup was charged with developing regulations and procedures for an effective post-tenure review process at USF and met nearly weekly during the months of May and June to fulfill the charge and presented the draft regulation to the Provost on July 6th.  

Instrumental in this process was the valuable input provided by Internal Audit, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, the Council of Deans, and the Office of General Counsel.


The principles developed for post-tenure review have been foundational to this process. 

Selection of Faculty for Post-Tenure Review

The following steps were followed in selecting faculty for Post-Tenure Review (PTR) at USF for the 2023-2024 cycle:

  1. On August 22nd, 2023, the Office of Decision Support compiled a list of tenured faculty at USF across all campuses including USF health. The list included tenure date, most recent hire date, most recent promotion date, and relevant administrative appointment dates.
  2. Tenured faculty on the list were then classified as:
    1. “Required Cohort”: those with 5 years following their last comprehensive review
      or 5 years following the end of an administrative appointment.
    2.  “Excluded”: those with less than 5 years since their last comprehensive review or 
      administrative appointment. 
    3. "Eligible”: those who had more than 5 years following their last comprehensive 
      review and who were not otherwise excluded were considered eligible for 
      random selection for post-tenure review. 
  3. The Provost’s Office organized the list and between August 22nd and September 14th, 
    worked with colleges to verify their constituent faculty information. Colleges additionally noted faculty who had documented reasons for exclusion per the BOG and/or USF PTR 
    regulations and faculty were reclassified accordingly.
  4. After verification by colleges, on September 14th a table was created listing the total 
    number of faculty by college, as well as the approximately 20% cap, the required cohort, eligible faculty, and excluded faculty numbers. Additionally, a column subtracted the 
    amount of faculty in the required cohort from the college cap in order to determine the 
    remaining number of faculty per college that will need to be randomly selected for post-tenure review. 
  5. Subsequent to the final verification of faculty information by the colleges, a Teams
    meeting was scheduled on Monday, September 18th at 4pm for the random selection of 
    faculty from those who were eligible for selection. The meeting included representatives from the Provost’s Office, USF Health, ODS, IT, HR, and the Faculty Senate.
  6. At the meeting, the list of eligible faculty was rearranged in ascending order by 
    employee ID number and sequentially numbered between 1 -379 representing the total 
    number of eligible faculty.
  7. IT used a random number sequence generator to provide a random number sequence 
    for the priority order. The list of eligible faculty was then arranged according to the 
    priority order determined by the random number selection.
  8. The faculty were then grouped by college to ensure that colleges remained within their 
    college caps (at approximately 20% each).
  9. Subsequent to the meeting, the list of the required cohort and those randomly selected were combined for each college to provide a list of faculty selected for post-tenure review. The respective lists were then communicated to the deans of each college on Monday, September 18th in order to inform their selected faculty. 

Procedure for Post-Tenure Review

An electronic platform for Post-Tenure Review is being developed in Archivum with essential contributions from Information Technology, the Office of Decision Support, the Provost’s Office, and representatives from academic colleges.  Progress on the process flow and timeline will be continually updated as the process continues. 

For questions regarding the Post-Tenure Review process please contact Dr. Pritish Mukherjee (Academic Affairs) or Dr. Javier Cuevas (USF Health).