Institutes and Centers

Institutes and Centers are established to coordinate, support, and extend a University's research, service, and training activities.


The establishment, operation, and termination of Institutes and Centers are governed by, Florida Board of Governors (BOG) Regulation 10.015. This regulation defines two categories of Institutes and Centers:

  • State of Florida Institutes and Centers are established to coordinate inter-institutional research, teaching, and service across the State University System (SUS). These Institutes and Centers must be approved by the BOG.
  • University Institutes and Centers are generally established by a single university to enhance existing instruction, research, and service.


Current I&C Inventory & Seven Year Review Schedule


Reporting Requirements for All Centers and Institutes

Centers and Institutes must provide annual reports to comply with both BOG and SACSCOC (USF's accrediting agency) requirements. To satisfy these requirements, the following forms must be completed. Prior to submission to the BOG, forms must be approved by the appropriate office as indicated below. Once approved by the appropriate office, all BOG forms must be uploaded to the ExpertNet website. The SACSCOC assessment report must be entered into USF's System for Assessment Management (SAM).


Annual Reports

  1. Budget Information - Financial Information Form
    Contact Loretta Sue Kandl in Resource Management and Analysis.
  2. Evaluation Information - I&C Directory Reporting Document
    In order to meet BOG requirements, print the approved assessment from the System for Assessment Management (SAM), and then upload it to the BOG reporting site, Expertnet. 
  3. SACSCOC Assessment
    In order to meet SACSCOC requirements, the annual assessment must be entered into USF's System for Assessment Management (SAM). Additional information on developing a SACSCOC compliant administrative assessment is available on the Administrative Assessment Guidelines.


Seven-Year Review

In addition to the annual report, a formal review of the Center or Institute is required at least every seven years. At a minimum, all seven-year evaluations/reviews must include the following elements:

  • A determination of the institute or center's progress against defined goals and objectives within the context of the institute or center's mission, university mission, and the current Board of Governor's Strategic Plan;
  • A determination of the institute or center's progress against stated administrative assessment plan on file with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Academic Planning and Review.
  • A description of the institute or center's accomplishments and/or challenges over the last seven years;
  • An assessment of the return on investment of State dollars, if applicable;
  • The need for continuation of the institute or center;
  • Possible changes in mission or organizational structure;
  • Budget reduction or expansion;An audit of funding support for continuation;
  • Statement of assurance of director's annual evaluation;
  • Recommendations for change in classification if applicable;
  • Recommendations for statue change (active, inactive, or terminated) and;
  • The date of the last evaluation/review

The date of the next seven year review for each center is included in the I&C inventory above.


Resources for Establishing and Managing Institutes and Centers




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